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Here at Strubeam we manufacture plate girders and cellular beams

for use in the construction sector in the UK.

STRUBEAM,   a fabrication process for long spanning, deep or heavily loaded beams. Plate girders can be designed to suit their particular requirements in service, as apposed to choosing the best fit standard rolled section. This can be of great importance with defined structural depth zones or in allowing the choice of a shallower zone for advantage with other aspects of the building.

State of the art submerged arc beam welding lines on semi-automatic feed lines, fed from a 26m CNC controlled multi head oxy acetylene with integrated plasma profiling bed allows fabrication of plate girders up to 2.7m deep in lengths to suit transport. With accurate preparation of components and machine control on set up prior to welding, the finished beams meet very high standards on dimensional control and weld quality.

A purpose designed 320,000 sq. ft production facility with multiple EOT cranes has been built to house the process machinery allowing for fats flow through from plate receipt to girder dispatch.

Girders are available in plain carcass format, or fully fabricated to client drawings, including the production of fittings, with the option for surface preparation, painting and galvanising or intumescent fire protective coating.

Service penetrations are a regular requirement for deeper beams in building structures so STRUBEAM software will give designers and clients the facility to engineer penetrations on a regular or irregular pattern and size to suit. Depending on size and shape, these can be plain or stiffened.

Our products include:

  • Cellular Beams
  • Plate Girders
  • USFB
  • Box Girders
  • Tapered Beams
  • Asymmetric Beams
  • Curved & Cambered Beams
  • T-Sections
  • Shotblasting & Priming
  • Cutting to length


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